Welcome 1660 Hockey League Minor Hockey Associations

ProSmart Hockey is excited to announce a powerful alliance with the 1660 Hockey League. Our collective aim is to create happier and healthier hockey communities.

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ProSmart isn’t only about giving the surrounding Edmonton region coaches access to drills. It’s also an immersive program that will give every coach – rookie and veteran – the confidence to make a difference in the lives of young people. From videos to practice plans, to events and messaging, ProSmart covers the needs of coaches AND parents. The tool also contains an embedded accountability dashboard. Associations can use this to track usage and most watched content.

ProSmart is free thanks to national partners including the NHL Alumni Association.

Team Tools

ProSmart Hockey has powerful tools to help teams stay connected. Practice and game events plus individual and team messaging will ensure everyone is on the same page and on time.

Available on every internet browser and through our iOS app for iPhones and iPods.

Skill Videos

Watch real life hockey players - including pros, former pros, experts and kids -  conduct the drills your young athletes will be learning during the season! 

Practice Plans

Coming up with practice plans can be difficult; that’s why ProSmart provides progressive, week-by-week practice plans for use throughout the entire hockey season. They are age specific and are made to ensure participants stay engaged.

See a Sample Initiation Practice Plan

Interactive Drills

Teaching hockey drills has never been easier than with ProSmart’s step-by-step animated videos. Players will learn basic hockey skills in a fun and interactive way, from how to skate backwards, to how to pass the puck. More advanced players can learn team concepts such as power plays and defensive formations.