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Every coach has a different set of skills and experiences when they hit the ice, and it’s your job, as an association, to ensure each team is set up to succeed and have fun.

ProSmart Hockey is an interactive coaching resource designed to create more consistency among coaches throughout your association with a streamlined curriculum. We offer age appropriate practice plans, animated drills, and skill videos that cover everything from how to stand up on skates to defensive zone coverage. This helps you retain and attract new coaches.

In addition, we are proud to introduce the newest layer of ProSmart - RosterBot Team Management - the world's smartest and simplest, free team management app. RosterBot makes organizing your team easy by scheduling all your events, tracking attendance, centralizing communication, collecting team fees, and much more.

After registration, association executive receive admin-level access to all ProSmart Hockey content, the ability to invite their coaches, and a dashboard to track usage. Admin-level access will carry over to RosterBot this fall and will allow executives to upload their master schedule so team managers can download their team schedule.

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A testimonial from a new coach.

"Access to ProSmart has helped me a lot with how to break down each drill to a level the kids understand. For me it's one thing to be able to play the game of hockey well and have really good skating skills, but to be able to teach the kids how to do the skill properly and break it down into steps has been a tremendous help."

Here are some quick videos on what ProSmart is and how to make the best use of these amazing free hockey coaching resources.

ProSmart Hockey Coaching System

ProSmart Hockey Coaching System is an interactive coaching resource designed to create more consistency among coaches.

Associations receive access to all content for every division and a dashboard that indicates usage entirely for free. This resource is provided to you, in part, by generous partners such as the NHL Alumni Association and Scotiabank.

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Grab a coffee and take 5 minutes to watch the ProSmart Hockey Association Webinar. It explains how to best use the hockey resource, how to invite your community, & how to send us feedback!

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Forget how to use ProSmart? No problem, we’ve got your back. Take 30 seconds to watch how to use the Admin section of our platform. It explains how and where you can view your association account summary and, more importantly, how to invite your coaching community!

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