Minor Hockey Flow Chart

By Tyler Hinds (@THinds3)

Embarking on the journey through minor hockey is a remarkably beneficial and rewarding experience that can span up to 13 years of your child’s life. Outlined are some of the benchmarks & milestones for the progression through each division based on long-term athlete development (LTAD).



  • Age 7-9
  • Power Skating: Skating ABCs, backward striding, forward & backward crossovers, transitions part 1
  • Puck Skills: Skating and passing, bank passes, & backhand shots
  • Emphasis on fun and the introduction of games with rotating positions
  • LTAD Stage: FUNdamentals


  • Age 9-11
  • Power Skating: Advanced ABCs, transitions part 2, & stationary pivots
  • Puck Skills: Advanced puck handling, lead passes to a moving target, & snap shot
  • Emphasis on fun and the beginning of formal competition with set positions
  • LTAD Stage: Learn to train



  • Age 13-15
  • Constant refinement of advanced power skating & puck skills
  • Introduction of body checking for rep players
  • Emphasis on skill development and team tactics, like PP & PK
  • WHL Bantam Draft
  • LTAD Stage: Train to train


  • Age 15-18
  • Constant refinement of advanced power skating & puck handling skills
  • Emphasis on position specific skills  (F, D, & G) and team tactics, like forechecking
  • OHL Priority Selection & QMJHL Draft
  • LTAD Stage: Train to compete

What Happens After Minor Hockey?

Don’t worry, your kids can still enjoy the thrill of this beautiful game beyond minor hockey if they don’t enter the junior ranks. There is the option to continue playing juvenile or adult recreation hockey for players over the age of 18. 

Regardless of whether your child is the next big thing, destined for men’s league, or hanging ‘em up, understand all the invaluable traits that they have acquired along the way. Work ethic, commitment, team work, dedication, passion, unity, leadership, & an active lifestyle (just to name a few) will undoubtedly help foster success in their future professional endeavours.



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