Rule 3.7 - Dangerous Equipment

(a) The use of pads, protectors or sticks likely to cause injury to a player are prohibited.

(b) No player is permitted to wear a sweater or pants modified or altered to gain an advantage or compromise safety.

(c) All elbow pads which do not have a soft protective covering of sponge, rubber or a similar material at least 1.27cm (1/2 in.) thick shall be considered dangerous equipment.

(d) The use of supplemental oxygen is prohibited.

(e) For a violation of this rule a warning shall be issued to the team. Any subsequent violations to any player on the same team shall result in a Minor penalty to the offending player.

Note: The Referee has the authority to prohibit a player from participating in the game while using or wearing any equipment that she considers dangerous to a player or game official. 


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