5 ProTips to Tying your Own Skates

By Trevor Erhardt, ProSmart Hockey Head Coach

Tired of tying 12 pairs of skates before every ice time? My hands hurt just thinking about that. Take 10 minutes with your team (or kid) to go over 5 easy steps for them to learn how to tie their own skates.

  1. Unlace the top of the skate (e.g. the top two rows of laces around the ankle), and loosen the laces to the bottom of the skate around the foot.
  2. Put your foot into the skate. You should be able to do this easily without huffing, puffing, or groaning. 
  3. Lace the skate up, loosely, right to the top of the ankle.
  4. Tighten the skate, starting down near the ball of the foot. Pull on each crossed over lace to make the skate tighter. Do this until you reach the eyelets at the ankle (top) of the skate. Now pull on each lace and make sure the skate feels tight on your foot, but not so tight that you can't move your toes.
  5. Tie a bow at the top, and then double-knot the laces.

Practice makes perfect! Start tying the skates at home so your child becomes proficient on their own and they will be able to do this at the rink in no time.

Extra ProTip

  • Purchase laces that are long enough to make a comfortable bow at the top of the tongue, but not too long that they have to be tied around the ankles.
  • Avoid waxed laces for young players. They are tougher on the hands and will discourage your child from wanting to tie their own skates.


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